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SSimder SD-4050 PRO 10-in-1 Aluminum Welder&Cutter

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Please Note: The consumables that we send are all .039", if you need other sizes of consumables set, you can note in the order.


The SSimder SD-4050Pro Welder is a 10-in-1 Welder&Cutter, which allows you to use with Pulse MIG Welding Aluminum, Mixed Gas MIG Welding, Synergy MIG Welding, Flux Cored MIG Welding, High Frequency Start TIG Welding, Stick Welding and Plasma Cutting.

Designed to help you break through your welding barriers and unlock new levels of skill, power, and creativity.Allows for maximum weld seam quality in TIG applications: Ultra-pure seams free of inclusions are a possible result.The welding torch can be positioned perfectly.

Technical Specifications

SSimder SD-4050 Pro Technical Specifications

Featured Function

  • Pulse MIG
  • HF TIG
  • Plasma Cutting
  • MAG
  • FCAW
  • CO₂ MIG
  • MMA
  • 2T/4T/Spot
  • VRD
  • Synergy Control

Pulse MIG Welding

Pulse MIG is ideal for metals and applications where controlling heat is difficult when using standard MIG process, and/or where high weld quality and appearance is desired.

Pulse MIG welding Aluminium
Aluminium is a high thermal conductor (which means that heat is quickly transferred away from the weld pool), with a relatively low melting temperature. Pulse MIG process allows the operator much greater thermal control to apply enough heat for a successful weld, whilst avoiding distortion or burn-through.

High Frequency TIG Welding

With this cutting-edge setup, you'll be confidently ready to tackle any welding challenge. The High Frequency Start TIG mode gives welders a powerful advantage at difficult joints – enabling them to perfect more advanced techniques and create precise seams with non-contact ignition that works from even the most challenging angles.

Plasma Cutting

If you're looking for a top of the line plasma cutter that can handle cuts on almost any type of conductive metal, look no further than SSimder SD-4050 Pro. With the ability to cut up to 3/4" (20mm) thick stainless steel, copper, or aluminum pieces with ease and speed, this powerful machine allows you to perform large jobs in a short period of time.

Gas Metal Arc Welding

Unleash the power of precision welding with the SD-4050 Pro MIG Welder! You'll be able to customize your experience by selecting from either CO₂ or mixed gas. The SD-4050 Pro MIG Welder offers the versatility and customizability you need for your welding projects. Whether it's small or large scale, enjoy better control over arc strike force and speed to ensure optimal weld penetration every time.

Flux Core Welding

Get ready to take on a variety of welding jobs with the S Simder SD-4050 Pro. This flux-cored welder offers an easy and fast process to tackle metalworking projects both indoors and out – even in windy conditions! You’ll master thin materials like steel and carbon steel without needing bulky shielding gas tanks.

Synergic MIG

The Synergic mode on this machine is a truly special feature that makes welding easier for everyone. All you need to do is select the current value and let it take care of all the necessary parameters – no hassle at all! From novice welders to experienced pros, users can now enjoy quick, efficient work when handling different materials.

Stick Welding

The SD-4050 Pro provides an uncomplicated welding experience for all levels of expertise. Its adjustable hot start technology facilitates stable arcs and smoother welds with greater penetration. Stick Welding is applicable to use Electrodes 6018/7013/6011/6010, Max 5/16 inches(8mm).


2T/4T/Spot Timer Settings is applicable when MIG Welding, you can set up the Torch according to the Weld Needs. This is Beneficial when you need to Weld a Constant Length of Weld Bead with the Welding Machine.


Welding is a precision craft, with electricity playing an essential role. To protect the safety of welders and others nearby, we developed S Simder VRD – designed to reduce open-circuit voltage. With this technology in place, you can concentrate on your projects without risk from electrical shocks or accidents, welding confidently and safely every time!

Shipping Information

It takes 3-4 days for us to process the order. It will be delivered within 5-10 working days for our US customers when it is out for delivery from our warehouse. Regions such as AK, PR, HI may take longer. In other countries, we’ll have to deliver from our China supplier. It will take a longer time. It will be delivered within 20-30 days.

Package Include

MIG Welding Accessories -

15AK MIG gun torch stinger 10ft. * 1

0.031”Contact Tip *1 & 0.035”Contact Tip *1

Contact tip for Aluminum Welding*1

Red Copper Gas Nozzle*1 ,

K-Groove Wire Feeding Wheel for Flux Core Welding*1

Conduit Liner for MIG*1

Gas Hose for MIG*1


TIG Welding Accessories -

WP-17 TIG Torch 10ft.*1

#5 Alumina Nozzle*1

#6 Alumina Nozzle*1

1/16” Back Cap*1

3/32” Back Cap*1

Plasma Cutting Accessories-

PT-31 AG60 Plasma Cutting Torch 13ft. *1

Tips*1, Electrode*1,Shield Cup*1, Swirl Ring*1

AFR2000 Air Filter Pressure Regulator Kit*1


25㎡ 300A 10-25 Quick-Plug Ground Clamp 10ft.*1

25㎡ 300A 10-25 Quick-Plug Electrode Holder 10ft.*1

Gas Hose*2

Hose Adjuster*4

12AWG Power Cord 7ft.*1

Conversion Cord*1

Wire Scratch Brush*1

Operation Manual*1


SD-4050 Pro 10 in 1 Welder&Cutter Review

review of sd-4050 pro

Sep 18, 2023

This Cheap Little WELDER Does it All !!

Thanks to Fishin for this Great Review on SD4050Pro Welder&Cutter!
SSimder SD-4050 Pro 10 in 1 Welder&Cutter

Apr 11, 2023

SSimder SD-4050 Pro 10 in 1 Welder&Cutter

Content Overview SSimder has been a leader in the welding industry for years, and this trend continues with our lates...

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Lloyd Padgett
Nice little machine

So far it had done everything as expected.

Overall great experience with machine/customer service.

Purchased 4050 pro few months back, all of the features work fantastic. Would recommend to anyone looking for a machine that can do it all.

Coolest machine!

This it's what everyone has been waiting for. An all in one welder/cutter designed for the professionals. Thank you Simder!

SD-4050 pro. Prepurchase.

This welder is great love it needed it 15 years ago but no complaints yet dilver it to me in jan as promised and my aluminum spool gun didnt come with as promised in pack but emailed me b4 i did them and sent in 2 weeks later but did as they promised i reccomended 2 other people to buy one guy did he loves as well. Thanks

Philip Minogue
Very happy welder

Loving this welder it’s so light and amazing I am extremely happy and proud of my new welder ton of work is available to me because of this amazing welder’s versatility thanks again

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