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SSimder SD-4050 Pro 10 in 1 Welder&Cutter

SSimder SD-4050 Pro 10 in 1 Welder&Cutter

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SSimder has been a leader in the welding industry for years, and this trend continues with our latest innovation – the SSimder SD-4050 Pro 10 in 1 welder. 

The SSimder SD-4050 Pro is our most innovative welder and cutter yet. This is a 10 in 1 welder and cutter, you can weld and cut any material and achieve professional results.

We have designed this machine with special consideration for professionals and hobbyists, making the welder powerful, with advanced features, and easy to operate.

We have achieved exciting results on Indiegogo and Kickstar, gained support from more than 1,200 backers, and received a total of nearly 800,000 US dollars in sponsorship. Thanks to the support of these backers, this exciting SD4050 PRO Welder can be produced.

SSimder SD-4050 Pro Function Overview

Our SD4050 provides an entire fabrication shop in one small unit. It integrates the following:

  • Pluse MIG
  • GMAW (Gas Metal ARC Welding)
  • Synergic MIG
  • HF TIG
  • Plasma Cut
  • 2T/4T Spot
  • VRD

Pluse MIG

Take advantage of the SSimder Pulse MIG for precision welding and superior thermal control over traditional MIG welders. With its sophisticated S Simder Pulse technology, you can expect high-quality and consistent results on even the most challenging metals such as aluminum alloys! The pulse function maintains optimal temperature during fabrication to create a stable output for minimal spattering and practically no burn through. Get ready to master those notoriously difficult active metal projects like never before – it's one of the few welders offering true pulse power!


ssimder sd-4050 pro Pluse MIG

GMAW (Gas Metal ARC Welding)

Unleash the power of precision welding with the SD 4050 Pro MIG Welder! You'll be able to customize your experience by selecting from either CO2 or mixed gas. The SD-4050 Pro MIG Welder offers the versatility and customizability you need for your welding projects. Whether it's small or large scale, enjoy better control over arc strike force and speed to ensure optimal weld penetration every time.

ssimder SD-4050 PRO Welder GMAW

Synergic MIG

The Synergic mode on this machine is a truly special feature that makes welding easier for everyone. All you need to do is select the current value and let it take care of all the necessary parameters – no hassle at all! From novice welders to experienced pros, users can now enjoy quick, efficient work when handling different materials.


With this cutting-edge setup, you'll be confidently ready to tackle any welding challenge. The High Frequency Start TIG mode gives welders a powerful advantage at difficult joints – enabling them to perfect more advanced techniques and create precise seams with non-contact ignition that works from even the most challenging angles.

ssimder SD-4050 PRO Welder HF TIG

Plasma Cut

If you're looking for a top of the line plasma cutter that can handle cuts on almost any type of conductive metal, look no further than SSimder 4050 Pro Welder. With the ability to cut up to 3/4" (20mm) thick stainless steel, copper, or aluminum pieces with ease and speed, this powerful machine allows you to perform large jobs in a short period of time.

ssimder SD-4050 PRO Welder Plusma Cut

2T/4T Spot

During the MIG welding process, SD 4050 offers 2 touches/4 touches controls on MIG torch.  You can also preset the Spot welding time when pressing and holding the trigger. Spot timer is beneficial when you need to weld a constant length of the weld bead on the job.

2T- Press the trigger on your torch and hold it to weld. Release the trigger to stop the ARC.

4T- Press the trigger to start an arc. Once you release it, your arc keeps going until you hold and re-release it. Applicable when dealing with longer beads or working in tight spaces.

Spot- You can set the Continuous working time of the Torch of` every single click and release the trigger. For Example, if you set the spot welding time to 5 seconds, Once you press and release the trigger, the torch will start to ARC for 5 sec then stop.


ssimder SD-4050 PRO Welder 2T/4T Spot

VRD - Voltage Reducing Device

Welding is a precision craft, with electricity playing an essential role. The SSimder 4050 integrates the most important welding functions for a working professional or a hobbyist who wants advanced features in one machine. With this technology in place, you can concentrate on your projects without risk from electrical shocks or accidents, welding confidently and safely every time!

ssimder SD-4050 PRO Welder VRD

SSimder SD-4050 Pro Parameter Overview

SSimder 10 in 1 helps to reduce energy consumption and costs as it maximizes real power drawn from the grid supply, reducing energy and inefficiency. Thus saving electricity while stabilizing welding performance for a consistent output. Primarily, it ensures a stable cutting process with fluctuating voltage in the mains, using long extension cables.

Rated Duty Cycle

With 100% duty cycle at 154 amps(Welding)/40amp(Plasma Cutting), S Simder welder ensures continuous operation of your work. It is an ideal partner for your heavy-duty projects.

ssimder SD-4050 PRO Welder Duty Cycle


With its 96-240V wide voltage range, Simder's welder lets you flex your welding muscle, and take on welding jobs in various environments. Easily adapt to each new job for the perfect weld every time!

ssimder SD-4050 PRO Welder Voltage

Operating Temperature: -10℃~40℃ (14℉~104℉)

Ignite your welding projects with the SD4050 Pro's innovative engineering and cooling system. Built to keep your machine running longer and safer, this fan features a highly durable construction for safety and extended performance – offering maximum performance without worrying about heat!

ssimder SD-4050 PRO Welder Operating Tempature

SSimder SD-4050 Pro Review

SSimder SD-4050 Pro, The Ultimate Solution

The SD4050 integrates the most important welding functions for a working professional or a hobbyist who wants advanced features in one machine. 

What are you still hesitating about? 
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