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Welding Helmets|SSimder Welder

SSimder'welding helmets are designed to provide the best protection and comfort for welders, ensuring that they can work safely and efficiently.

SSimder Auto Darkening True View Welding Helmet RLM-800

SSimder Auto Darkening True View Welding Helmet RLM-800

SSimder Auto Darkening True View Welding Helmet RLM-800-B

SSimder Auto Darkening True View Welding Helmet RLM-800-B

SSimder Auto Darkening True View Welding Helmet RL-500L

SSimder Auto Darkening True View Welding Helmet RL-500L

Welding Helmets

How to Find the Best Welding Helmet
Whether you’re a welding professional or a hobbyist, choosing the right welding helmet is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Welding helmets must provide adequate protection to your face and eyes while remaining comfortable enough to wear throughout the welding process. So what sets welding helmets apart? Welding helmets are differentiated mainly by price, shade style, comfort and style.
Auto-darkening helmets vs. passive visor helmets
The primary difference between passive shade welding helmets and auto-darkening helmets is the lens. With a passive shade helmet, the colored glass doesn’t lighten or darken, while auto-darkening helmets have lenses that automatically darken when you start your torch and turn clear when you shut it off.
Traditional Passive Shade Helmets
Many professional welders favor a traditional helmet with a glass lens and fixed shade. These traditional passive lens helmets provide inexpensive protection. But every time you want to examine your welds you have to lift the helmet, then re-position and secure it when you flip it down. It's a quick and simple movement, but multiplied by hundreds of times over the course of a day and it can use up a lot of time and energy and put a strain on your neck.
Auto-Darkening Helmets
Auto-darkening helmets not only protect against harmful light emissions, but the helmet’s shade easily changes back and forth between light and dark states without having to lift or completely remove the helmet. They're comfortable and come in a wide range of colors and graphics, so you can bring a bit of personality to work with you. Panoramic auto-darkening helmets add another layer of comfort and efficiency with a 180° field of view.
How to wear a welding helmet
Your welding helmet should fit snugly and securely against your head. Your helmet should only move when your head moves, and should not rattle when you move. When trying on a helmet, be sure to wear any bandanas or welding caps you would normally have on when you’re actually welding. Make sure the helmet is light enough and comfortable enough to wear for long periods. Lighter, more comfortable helmets will usually cost more but can be well worth it when you weld for extended periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to wear a welding helmet?

“Welding helmets and handshields are protective devices to provide protection for the eyes and face against optical radiation and spatter. Welding helmets shall be used only in conjunction with spectacles and/or goggles.”

Is it bad to weld without a welding helmet?

This is a very painful but is rarely a permanent injury. Arc eye is characterised by eye swelling, tearing and pain. Welding without adequate eye protection may cause photokeratitis, conjunctivitis, cataracts, skin cancer, burns to retina and burns to dermis.

Can I wear glasses under my welding helmet?

In most commercial welding shops, welders are required to wear safety glasses under their helmets. If there's room for those, there's room for your glasses.

Are TIG and MIG welding helmets the same?

Did you know welding helmets are not interchangeable between MIG and TIG welders? MIG welding helmets have features better suited to MIG welders and vice-versa with TIG welding helmets.

Is it OK to weld without a helmet?

Even brief exposure to UV rays can result in a burn to the eyes known as "Welders Flash" which may not be evident until several hours after exposure.

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