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SSimder WP17 TIG Welding Consumables Pack 26Pcs

SSimder WP17 TIG Welding Consumables Pack 26Pcs

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Uses: for a variety of locations of the pipeline TIG welding arc welding and arc welding, can be satisfied with the welding joints. Can be welded carbon steel and some low alloy steel.

Suitable for all TIG devices with WP17 Series TIG Welding Torch from other manufacturers.
Applicable for S Simder ARC-200S/ARC-140N/MIG-250/MIG-250D/SD-4050 Mini/SD-4050Pro.

What's Including

TIG Back Caps:


  • Long Back Cap 57Y02 x 1 WST-00004
  • Medium Back Cap 57Y03 x 1 WST-00003
  • Short Back Cap 57Y04 x 1 WST-00002


TIG Collets:


  • 1/16 inch & 1.6mm 10N23 x 3 WST-10002
  • 3/32 inch & 2.4mm 10N24 x 3 WST-10003
  • 1/8 inch & 3.2mm 10N25 x 3 WST-10004


Collet Bodies:


  • 1/16 inch & 1.6mm 17CB20 x 3 WST-20009
  • 3/32 inch & 2.4mm 17CB20 x 3 WST-20010
  • 1/8 inch & 3.2mm 17CB332 x 3 WST-20011


Alumina Ceramic Cups:


  • #4 & D6.5 or 1/4'' 13N08 x 1 WST-40007
  • #5 & D8.0 or 5/16'' 13N09 x 1 WST-40008
  • #6 & D9.5 or 3/8'' 13N10 x 1 WST-40009
  • #7 & D11.0 or 7/16'' 13N11 x 1 WST-40010
  • #8 & D12.5 or 1/2'' 13N12 x 1 WST-40011





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  • The TIG welding torch kit suitable for multiple industries including automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, metal processing, and home repairs.
  • Widely used in welding various architectural structures, metal frameworks, and connecting and repairing different metal components.
  • Provides high strength and stable connections.


  • This TIG welding torch accessorise can be used to weld a variety of materials including stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum and more.
  • Provide stable current output and excellent welding performance.
  • Welding produces less sparks and spatter, helping to keep welds clean.

Tig Torch Connection

  • Make sure the machine is turned off and unplugged.
  • Remove the back cover from the flashlight. If tungsten is installed in the torch, pull it out of the front of the torch.
  • Slide the chuck out of the flashlight.
  • Unscrew and remove the gas nozzle.
  • Unscrew and remove the chuck body.