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Our Story

SSimder was founded with a vision to empower welders through high-performance, portable and affordable welding equipment. We believe welding should be simple and accessible for professionals and amateurs alike.

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Who we are

As early as 2017, SSIMDER had noticed that instead of hiring a professional welder or spending time learning how to operate an old-fashioned welding machine, consumers would prefer using a Lightweight and easy-to-operate tool to do some small home repairs on their own.

Our Equipment

MIG/TIG/Stick Welder,Plasma Cutter and Welding Supplies for Professionals or DIY Enthusiasts.

From single process to multi-process all-in-one machines, we've got the tools you need.

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$450,000 Raised

SSimder has been a leader in the welding industry for years, and this trend continues with our latest innovation – the SSimder SD-4050 Pro 10-in-1 welder&cutter. 

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Why Choose SSimder

With over 150,000 welding machines sold and 4,000+ reviews on Amazon, SSimder has been deeply involved in the field of household welding machines, making welding machines more multi-functional, lighter, and easier to operate has become our main development purpose.

SSimder Factory

Our Factory

Our manufacturing facility produces over 50,000 industrial welding machines annually.

We ensure superior quality, reliability and value in all our products

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SSimder Welder Review

See what the backers of SSimder saying about us and SSimder Welder.

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