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SSimder Upgraded SD-4050Pro(2024) 10-in-1 Aluminum Welder&Cutter

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The SSimder Upgraded SD-4050Pro[2024] Welder is a 10-in-1 Welder&Cutter, which allows you to use with Pulse MIG Welding Aluminum, Mixed Gas MIG Welding, Synergy MIG Welding, Flux Cored MIG Welding, High Frequency Start TIG Welding, Pulse TIG, Stick Welding and Plasma Cutting[Upgraded Pilot Arc Plasma Cutting], Foot Pedal & Spool Gun Supported.

Designed to help you break through your welding barriers and unlock new levels of skill, power, and creativity. Allows for maximum weld seam quality in TIG applications: Ultra-pure seams free of inclusions are a possible result. The welding torch can be positioned perfectly.


Please Note: Customer who purchase SD-4050Pro + Consumables or Luxury Package will receive consumables in 0.039'' size, if you need other sizes of consumables set, you can note in the order.

What's include in different package

1. Upgraded SD-4050Pro(2024) + Consumables 96Pcs
  • Upgraded SD-4050Pro(2024)*1
  • 0.039‘’MIG + TIG + CUT Consumables

MIG Consumables 44Pcs:

  • 0.039”Contact Tip 20Pcs
  • Contact tip for Aluminum Welding 20Pcs
  • Gas nozzles 2Pcs
  • Gas diffusers 2Pcs

TIG Consumables 28Pcs:

  • TIG Back Caps 3Pcs
    Long Back Cap Medium Back Cap Short Back Cap
  • TIG Collets 9Pcs
    1/16 inch & 1.6mm 10N23 WST-10002
    3/32 inch & 2.4mm 10N24 WST-10003
    1/8 inch & 3.2mm 10N25 WST-10004
  • Collet Bodies 9Pcs
    1/16 inch & 1.6mm 17CB20 WST-20009
    3/32 inch & 2.4mm 17CB20 WST-20010
    1/8 inch & 3.2mm 17CB332 WST-20011
  • Alumina Ceramic Cups 5Pcs
    #4 & D6.5 or 1/4'' 13N08 WST-40007
    #5 & D8.0 or 5/16'' 13N09 WST-40008
    #6 & D9.5 or 3/8'' 13N10 WST-40009
    #7 & D11.0 or 7/16'' 13N11 WST-40010
    #8 & D12.5 or 1/2'' 13N12 WST-40011
  • Cup Gaskets 2Pcs
    Standard 18-CG WST-00037

CUT Consumables 24Pcs:

  • Stand-Off 2Pcs
  • Nozzles Tips 10Pcs
  • Electrodes 10Pcs
  • Shield Cup 1Pcs
  • Swirl Ring 1Pcs
2.Upgraded SD-4050Pro(2024) + Luxury Package

Upgraded SD-4050Pro(2024)*1

0.039" MIG + TIG + Cut Consumables Set 96Pcs*1

Foot Pedal*1

Spool Gun*1

2.2LBS 0.035"Flux Cored Welding Wire*1

4.4LBS 0.035"Aluminum Welding Wire*1

RLM-800 Helmet*1

Gloves*1 pair

Tool Bag*1

We Provide Machines With Heart

With over 150,000 welding machines sold and 4,000+ reviews on Amazon, SSimder has been deeply involved in the field of household welding machines, making welding machines more multi-functional, lighter, and easier to operate has become our main development purpose.

Upgraded SD-4050Pro(2024)


High Quality Accessories


What's the difference between SD-4050 Pro and Upgraded SD-4050Pro(2024) ?
  • The brand new Upgraded SD-4050Pro(2024) is foot pedal & spool gun supported
  • More intelligent LCD screen: It offers a smarter, more intuitive interface that makes your welding and cutting tasks more efficient.
  • Smart Memory Function
  • Pilot Arc Plasma Cutting
Welding Thickness for SD-4050PRO under 220V

Welding Thickness for SD-4050PRO under 220V:

  1. Stick Welding: Max 5/16 inches(8mm)
  2. MIG Welding: Max 3/16 inches(5mm)
  3. TIG Welding: Max 5/32 inches(4mm)
  4. Plasma Cutting: Max 3/4'' Max Clean cut 3/5''
Can this SD-4050PRO be operated by a generator?

You will need a 7.5KW generator to operate the SD-4050 Pro welder and it should be 50A at 220V, 30-35A at 110V.

Which package should i choose, consumables or luxury?

Consumables Package includes:
MIG+TIG+CUT Consumables 96Pcs
Luxury Package includes:
Foot Pedal + Spool Gun + MIG+TIG+CUT Consumables 96Pcs +RLM-800 Helmet + Welding Gloves + Flux/Aluminum Welding Wire + Tool Bag

Can a novice welder handle this powerful machine?

SSimder manufactures machines with the purpose of easy operation, allowing more people who like to do it themselves to operate the welding machine, and we have supporting operating instructions and lifetime access to hotline customer service.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Norman H Gaulin
The Perfect Choice

So far, it's perfect. I needed a multi-purpose welder for the garage, and spending over 1k was not an option. The right choice for me was this one! I have pushed this welder, 110v and 220v, and it does everything I wanted. PLUS, it has a plasma cutter. I went through 3/4" steel like butter. I have yet to try the TIG, but I will eventually when I get myself an Argon tank, but at no time soon. I'm not a professional, but I can lay down good beads with the Mig flux core, so it will be even better when I use gas! I looked at all the comparable units on the market, and they all work close to the same; for me, the duty cycle was higher than others, and the plasma included was the selling point. I'm thrilled with this welder, which is perfect for the weekend warrior.

Thomas Hall
Simder 4050 pro upgrade

I love this welder I have only used mig and plasma cutter. Buy I want to tell you it's worth the money. Jason yang and his crew took care of all my needs I appreciate all they did for me. Customer service was top notch. Shipping took a little while but Jason took really good care of me . Thank you Jason yang and crew.

Travis Mazza
So excited!!!!

Haven’t got a chance to use as the luxury pack with the helmet and other items to get started is still on the way writing this but the unit is as described and as I saw in all the reviews. I’m very excited to get the projects going with this price of equipment. Big things on the horizon. Thanks simder

Bob Liss
Great multi function Welder

I was a little hesitant to purchase the SD-4050 pro. Now that it is set-up and fully operational, I could not be happier. The plasma cutter works great, the Mig welder ia also great. Have not tried the stick welder yet. Great little machine.

Christopher Whaley

Hi like to say the machine came was vary well packed and everything I ordered was there I have used it a little and worked perfectly so far I haven't had any problems getting it set up works great.

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