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SSimder SD-4050PRO 10 in 1 Welder&Cutter Review

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The SSimder SD-4050PRO  is equipped with 10 different functions that make it a very convenient choice considering that most welding machines on the market just come with two or maybe four functions.

Rating Overview


welding parameters

The SD-4050PRO welder&cutter is designed for light work as well as heavy-duty work. When it comes to power,  it has a 100% duty cycle at 154A/60% Duty Cycle at 200A on MIG、TIG and MMA mode. The plasma cutting mode can cut conductive metal up to ⅗” thickness.  It is safe to say that it has the needed power to get its intended work done well.

SSimder SD-4050PRO 10 in 1 Welder&Cutter Review

SD-4050Pro 10-in-1 Aluminum Welder & Cutter


This welder is one of the best-performing welders simply because of its versatility. With a total capability of  different welding functions (Pulse MIG, MAG, Flux Cored, HF TIG, MMA ) plus plasma cutting, this welder&cutter has the needed tools to get about any job done the way it should be done.

The two most convenient and useful functions that this welder has is the Pulse MIG welding capability and the High-Frequency Start TIG welding capability.

The Pulse MIG Welding/Welder produces high-quality, consistent welding with a fairly low splatter rate and has stable heat control. It can even weld traditionally difficult metals such as aluminum and its alloys.

The High-Frequency Start TIG Welding/Welder allows for a higher weld-seam quality in TIG applications. It also features non-touch ignition, which will allow you to position your torch accurately regardless of the angle.

Pulse MIG Welding Aluminum

pulse mig welding aluminum

What is Pulse MIG Welding?


  1. Mixed Gas MIG Welding—Allows for different types of gasses and mixes to be used which can produce different levels of weld penetration.
  2. CO2 MIG Welding—CO2 welding provides a deep weld penetration which is useful when welding thicker metals together.
  3. SYNERGIC MIG Welding—In this mode, welding parameters will be automatically set by simply adjusting the wire feeding speed button.
  4. Flux Core Welding—Does not require shielding gas, which allows MIG welding to be effective outdoors and in windy environments. It is commonly used on thinner metals such as steel and carbon steel.
  5. MMA Welding (Stick Welding/Welder)—Comes with adjustable hots start and ARC force function. It’s a great option for beginners and is compatible with E7018, E6013, E6011, or Welding Rods below 5/32" (4.0mm).
  6. Plasma Cutter—Is able to cut any kind of conductive metal and has a max cutting thickness of 3/5" (15mm).SSimder SD-4050PRO 10 in 1 Welder&Cutter Review
  7. 2T/4T/Spot Timer—The MIG torch has a 2-touch/4-touch control. By holding the trigger, you can view the spot-welding time, which can help when you need to weld a constant length of weld bead.
  8. VRD—Reduces the open-circuit voltage of the welding machine to help avoid electrical shock.SSimder SD-4050PRO 10 in 1 Welder&Cutter Review

Additional Functions

The SSimder SD-4050PRO has some other functions. While you probably won’t end up using them all, they are still nice to have if you have a project that may require a different type of weld or welding technique. Such as Smart Memory Mode, Inductance Adjustment, Burn Back Control, PRG/POG Settings, Hot Start and ARC Force Adjustment.
These features will definitely make your tasks easier, but they are standard in most modern-day welders and therefore not something special.


This welder is compact and lightweight, weighs 26lbs. There is no need to use some sort of cart to transport the welding machine; instead, you can simply pick it up as you would a lunch box. Also, there are MIG torchTIG torch、Cutting torch and electrode that come with the package.

portable welding machine


Considering its many functions, the price is affordable compared to similar models that may only have less functions.SSimder SD-4050PRO 10 in 1 Welder&Cutter Review

Manufacturer Support 

SSimder is a well-known brand in the portable welder industry and does provide sufficient customer support.

welding accessorries

If you are looking for convenience, then the SD-4050PRO is the ideal option. Where traditional welding machines only have a couple of functions, this welder gives you access to many different types of welding techniques and even comes with a plasma cutter.

This welder is the Swiss Army Knife of welders—whatever task you have before you, this welder will have the needed tools and functions to get it done. Plus, it is lightweight and easily portable.

All in all, this welder and cutter combo is a great modern-day option for welders on the job or for personal use. 

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  • Recently, I watched a video of the new Simder welder Pro. I am confused on the price and what accessories that are included with said welder/price. Please have a salesman contact me with price quotes and detailed information. Thanks

    Phillip Alston
  • Need some one who can talk to me about this Simder pro welder watched fishin n stuff guy on internet he said that everything come with it and it was for 5 hundred and something and need to know how to order just need the best price for all goodiesthanks

    Phillip Alston

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