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plasma cutter

Awesome Little Plasma Cutter- S SIMDER Plasma Cutter

Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2022

For any wanting just a quick straight out the box & performance review & not so much a longevity review which I'll give later but right out the box this is an awesome little plasma.

I took the cover off first thing to check all connections & just to see how well built it is & I will say I was surprised especially as cheap as it's priced which is great. Everything is tight, all connections is well seated, glued & good to go as you would expect.

Far as performance using it with 220 volts 40 amp breaker & being a 40amp plasma, you would think or expect 1/2 inch solid steel stock would be it's max at even trying to cut but I took it further & went straight to 3/4 inch A36 steel plate at 43amps which is how high mine goes with 60psi & I can say it will cut 3/4 no problem. No it's not the best cut as it cut in a slight angle which tilting the head helps fix that but it actually cut right through it way smoother than I thought it would be of course at a very slow pace & never once blowed back in a 4 inch long cut & very little slag on the back side as well.

I'm surprised & satisfied with the results plus the head cooling works excellent as well. It only comes with one extra set of consumables but for the price & consumables being cheap, It's well worth it & the torch is a PT-31. It is High Frequency but not Pilot arc but you do not have to touch the metal to start it. I tested it up to 1/8 inch off the metal & the arc started no problem every time.

Far as longevity we'll see but I'll still give it a 5 star & highly recommend it.

                                                                                                                                   -Ronnie Beckner

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