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SSimder TIG Welding Torch QQ150 TIG Torch Kit

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  • 【Professional tools】: This TIG welding gun is very suitable for QQ150 TIG welding machine. Welding gun stable performance, high hardness, anti - fall. TIG flashlight is resistant to heat and fire. The length is 13ft, which is sufficient for use.
  • 【Material】 : The QQ150TIG gun rear cover is made of high quality plastic and copper, with high resistance and voltage resistance. The cable adopts high quality denim cover, which can effectively prevent the damage of flashlight, durable and long service life.
  • 【Accessories Complete】: This QQ150TIG gun comes with a TIG welding torch, a long tail cover, two shield cups and two electrodes. The complete accessories make it easier to use.
  • 【Quality】 : This QQ150 welding gun has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and use. The back cover has excellent plasticity, toughness and crack resistance, especially the low temperature impact toughness is higher. Brass bolts ensure solid connection, safe and reliable, easy to use.
  • 【Quality & Application】 : This QQ150 welding gun has simple structure, convenient installation and use. This TIG welding gun can be used in various positions of pipeline TIG welding, can meet the welding joint. Welding stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel or other nonferrous metals.


  • The welding wire is easy to break during the use of the welding torch, and the anti-folding design can greatly increase the service life of the welding torch.
  • The high-temperature-resistant head is drop-resistant, has high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength, and built-in thick brass parts.
  • The cable is covered with high-quality denim, which can effectively prevent the flashlight from being damaged and protect the welding from damage.
  • The interface thread is M16*1.5 & 2 pin, very suitable for QQ150 argon arc welding machine.
  • Contains porcelain mouth, porcelain core and other accessories, easy to use. There is also a storage box for easy storage and portability.

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